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Plumbing and Heating installation, boiler repairs and maintenance in Lincoln

You can trust JEV Plumbing & Heating with all aspects of your heating and plumbing equipment - from plumbing and heating installation to maintenance and repairs, we are here to offer the complete service.

Plumbing and Heating Installation

JEV Plumbing & Heating are your one stop shop for heating and plumbing installations in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Read more about our plumbing and heating installation services  »

Plumbing and Heating Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure - and often less expensive! Contact us today to arrange for inspection and maintenance of your heating and plumbing. Read more about our plumbing and heating maintenance servicese »

Boiler Servicing and Repairs

JEV Plumbing & Heating offer fast, quality repairs of your Plumbing and Heating installations, across Lincoln and surrounding areas. Read more about our boiler servicing and repair services in Lincoln »

Did you know?

We are experts in solar panel installation - why not contact us today to see how you can save money and help save the environment?

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