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Harvey's Water Softeners

Harvey's water softeners are designed to be the most efficient and convenient for you. They use less salt and less water, and they need no servicing or maintenance - some of the softeners that we installed over twenty years ago are still going strong!

All they need is a fresh supply of salt every so often - and with our convenient block salt, that’s easier than ever.

The softener is designed to be small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, but still suitable for almost every household in the country. It will save you money, completely eliminating limescale and soap scum, by providing beautifully soft water to the whole house, 24 hours a day.

JEV Group offer full installation, maintenance and repair of Harvey's Water Softeners - get in touch today for more information.

The Benefits of Harvey's Water Softeners

Did you know you could check water hardness in your area by using Anglian Water's web site - follow this link to check water quality in your area.

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